Hello world! I am back

Hello friends.

In my opinion technology is a good thing in the present situation.

This is because new technology brings good income by this way our country can be developed. More job opportunities can be created to people, in this way unemployment may be eradicated.

Now days, Technology is a part of our life. We can’t survive even a single day without technology. Technology has lots of merit and some demerits. So merits are:

1) Technology provides Internet which provides GPS. So GPS is a very powerful thing, we can search every unknown place within a second.

2) Technology provides online business. If you have talent then make your websites, applications & etc then you can earn at home in every second without any tension.

3) Technology provides social site like Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, twitter & etc so that we all are connected with each other where distance doesn’t matter.

4) So here I’m sharing my view with you only because of Technology.

Where Technology is a good thing but it’s provides some negative points:

1) Now days everyone is addicted to use it. Like now days even children spends their whole days on playing Game, Whatsapp, we-chat, Facebook, & etc they are spending their whole day in front of a box called computer, which is not good for their health while in the earlier days children used to spend their time in playing cricket, football, some physical activity.

2) It’s very difficult to understand about a technology for uneducated people, so it creates problems for them, like me.

So In the end, I want to say that technology is good & necessary for us, because more technology more growth.

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