A Hands-on Introduction to MapReduce in Python



MapReduce is simple. Some MapReduce algorithms can definitely be more difficult to write than others, but MapReduce as a programming approach is easy. However, people usually struggle the first time they are exposed to it. In our opinion, this comes from the fact that most MapReduce tutorials focus on explaining how to build MapReduce algorithms. Unfortunately, the way MapReduce algorithms are built (i.e., by building a mapper and a reducer) is not necessarily the best way to explain how MapReduce works because it tends to overlook the ‘shuffle’ step, which occurs between the ‘map’ step and the ‘reduce’ step and is usually made transparent by MapReduce frameworks such as Hadoop.

This post is an attempt to present MapReduce the way we would have liked to be introduced to it from the start.

Before you start

This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of the Python language.

In order to run the…

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