Police: Phone Scammers Can Wipe Out Computer, Steal Personal Information


CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have a warning about a new phone scam that can wipe out everything on your computer and steal all of your information.

CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco on Tuesday found out what happens when a call is placed to the scammers.

“They were very believable,” said Samantha Weisberg. “They knew just what to say.”

Weisberg got a frantic call at her West Nyack home. The person on the other end claimed to work for Apple, and said her laptop was hacked.

“I got on my computer. Apple does the screen sharing, so they asked me if they can get control of my screen,” Weisberg said, “and they were very insistent that it needed to be right now.”

Weisberg, a junior at Emerson College, told CBS2 by Skype that she had work done on her laptop a month earlier by Apple. So the story seemed plausible – until…

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