Technologically Challenged

Growing old (gracefully?)

I am computer illiterate.  As you can tell by the plain look of my blog, I don’t have a clue about changing the look of this.

Widget?  Flavatar?  Gravatar?  Different pages?  Different looks?  Menus?  Themes?  Is a widget a sidebar?  All I want to do is have a nice looking blog that people will read, maybe learn a little something, and enjoy reading.  It’s amazing I even know what a blog is.  What is the difference between a tag and a category?

I used my first computer at my job in 1973, it was called a CRT.  I don’t know what ‘CRT’ means anymore.  It was going to be great, computers were going to cut down on the amount of paper that is wasted and save time.  Really?  All I have seen are more and more trees being killed to provide all the paper we use now.  Save time?  Is…

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