Updates For March 2015 On Dongles, Iptv & FTA Channels

Benzibobo's Crib

My friend asked me to give you my followers two thought provoking articles before i proceed to writing my examination. In this article, i will give you basic tips on how to perform specific troubleshooting on cetain decoders and accounts, I shall aslo be acquainting you will the status of dongles and similar products. Let me go straight to the business.



  • Qsat as at the evening of Saturday April 4 2015 has been completely offline. However, as at the time of publishing this article, only two channels ss3ni and ss5ni are currently showing on qsat. Prior to the general qsat outage on Saturday, qsat was showing the following channels:

MCom, Mfam, Mact+, MShow, StUni, Edge, VAmp, Szone, UniCh, TeleM, BBC E, Fox, Sony, Max, LifeT,
CBS R, CBS A, CBS D, MZone, Amc, AmWld, MaiMa, El Tv, ZeeW, CI, DisID, Tlc,
BBC L, Ftv…

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