10 #ways to #cook your #food the right way


Rohidas Vitthal Sanap: Web Developer/Designer

As much as it is essential to shop for the right foods to stay healthy, it is also important that you cook them the right way for the same reason. However, you can ruin all your efforts even after choosing the healthiest foods present in the market if you lose their nutrients or allow them to perish with your cooking style. This is the reason you need to pay much attention to your cooking – selecting the right temperatures for specific foods, choosing a healthy way of cooking, storing and reusing them the right way.

d3c48d80-1941-11e4-baa4-31fc2879d3b8_178105202Cooking right

Like flavours and condiments that you add to enhance the taste of your food, the temperature at which you cook is crucial too. ‘Indian cooking is mostly done on the flame rather than the oven. Hence, cooking on a slow or medium flame is important for nutrient retention,’ points out Bhavi Mody, Vrudhi…

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