I switched from iOS to Android 2 years ago and I love it: my story.



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android vs ios
As a fan of Android, it annoys me to see so many disingenuous writers who smear Google and its software, Android. I’ve been on the other side, I have used iOS and Windows mobile, albeit years ago when it first came out, but I have used them all. Why did I try them all? Because I am genuinely interested in mobile technology and I truly want the best for myself.

The Beginning

In 2007, I was using a Samsung flip phone, on Verizon. I had switched over from AT&T about 8 months beforehand because I was tired of AT&T’s shady billing practices in combination with poor service. I was a happy camper with my slick Samsung flip phone because I could play a couple of games on it.  And then Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. I remember it like…

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