Life Paint by Volvo – A Reflective Spray Paint that makes Cyclists Glow in the Dark – April Fools or not?



Remember back in January when Volvo announced their latest technological breakthrough that was going to make cycling safer – the connected helmet? Yes, that’s right, the one where if a lorry is about to run into you, your helmet will vibrate? Not sure how that will save anyone but Volvo were happy to proclaim it as part of their ‘Vision 2020’ campaign.

The media has been keen to publicise the “Vision 2020” resolution, usually misquoting it as “no new Volvos would be responsible for the death or injury of a person by the year 2020”.

Volvo’s website actually states

“By 2020, nobody shall be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo”.

So if you’re the cyclist and not actually in the new Volvo, you’re fair game right? No, that’s a little unjust as at the bottom of the statement they do say

“In addition, no unprotected…

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