Look out for pepper-spraying drones in India


quadcopter drone

Protesting in India? Pay special mind to pepper-showering drones.

Rowdy forces in the Indian city of Lucknow would be advised to watch out – pepper-splashing drones are headed.

Lucknow police chied Yashasvi Yadav said for this present week that a group of cops has recently completed flight tests of five as of late obtained multi-rotor copters, all of which have been changed to convey the provocative spread.

Addressing news office AFP in a way that recommended Yadav was truly fairly content with his recently gained gear, the police cheid said, “The outcomes were splendid. We have figured out how to work out how to utilize it to unequivocally focus on the crowd in winds and congested regions.”

Yadav portrayed the shower as “extremely viable in mob control,” including that it can be controlled from distinctive statures “to have greatest results.” From what we think about pepper spread, those “most extreme…

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