Love is good husbandry


Recently I attended a men’s conference. The focus was on being a better man, mate, husband and father. There was quality input by many speakers. My ‘show bags’ were full of reminders and some new things to implement. The highlight for me was when one speaker mentioned the term ‘husbandry’.

There may be something in this for me.

I respect that many of you women readers may think to ‘turn page’ at this point. I would like to suggest that there is ‘honey’ in this for you too. I invite your patience to receive something for yourself.

As soon as “husbandry” was first mentioned, I felt an electrical pulse through my neurons joining dots. A light turned on.

I knew very little about animal or crop husbandry as it applies to agriculture before I was thrown in the ‘deep end’ as a high school teacher (student ages 12-18) and asked to teach Agriculture which was outside my training.

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