8 things you can’t #remember anymore

Rohidas Vitthal Sanap: Web Developer/Designer

If you need more proof that our phones keep getting smarter but our brains keep getting dumber, just try to remember someone’s number other than your own.


And no, your mom doesn’t count. It’s easy to forget things that our phones do for us everyday, which is just one of the myriad reasons why we have separation anxiety whenever we (God forbid) leave it home. You can’t get anywhere, you can’t reach anyone and now your friend thinks you hate her because you didn’t wish her a happy birthday. It’s a mess.

In the spirit of being self-aware — and hopefully to prevent these things from leaving our minds forever — here’s a look at just seven things you probably forgot how to do.

1. Phone numbers: You used to be able to cite all your closest friends’ and family’s phone number by heart. Now you have to look up…

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