My Week in Games [4/2/2015 – 4/8/2015] Finding Teddy 2, Out There, A Pixel Story, Fitz the Fox, Curse of the Immortals and more

Games That I Play

I managed to fit in a fourteen games, with most of them being a lot of fun! Reviewing games that I’ve gotten review copies for has turned into a slow process. Not because the games are getting long, but because I have so many notes and bug reports that I don’t want to review the games until they’ve been fixed. It would be so much easier to just post “news” articles from Twitter and game sites more popular than my own.

My little site also managed to hit 5,000 views / hits. I only mention it because someone else had an article on hitting 5,000. So rather than making an article about it, I’m mentioning it here. Keeping Twitter followers is an uphill battle. In other site news, my Top 5 Best Games of March had a lot of views while my Top 5 Best PC Games Not on Steam…

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