Nextbase 101 Dash Camera

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This is my latest gadget, one for the car.

After witnessing an accident the other week, I decided to re-visit my earlier plan of having a dash camera.

My first attempt was disappointing, the unit in question was quite cumbersome, stood out like a sore thumb but worse still had a slight issue where it would require setting up each morning, which at 7am on your way to work isn’t what you want to be doing.

Anyway, after much internet trawling I discovered this Nextbase camera on offer in Halfords for £44, my logic is its only £44 so if its not great I can always find another use for it.

So what do we have?

A small(ish) camera with a 2″ screen on the reverse, standard 12v lighter socket plug (with a generous amount of cable) and a suction mount. Instruction manual included but no micro SDHC card.


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