Web Design – What options do you have?

Rob's Hobby Shack

Dear fellow Cave Trolls,

I was going to write about the pros and cons between the 3 fundamentals ways to make a website.  Sounds pretty boring right?  Don’t lie, it does.  I decided I would try to write it in an informative but comedic way.  Ya…that’s not happening.  It started off very slow, which is never a good sign, but then it got worse and I had trouble just forming sentences.  By the time I was finished the first 2 paragraphs, I had trouble connecting my fingers to the keys on the keyboard.  Finally, I had 2 or 3 paragraphs which can only be described as word vomit.  Seriously, it was horrible.   CTRL+A+Backspace=gone.

So, here I am starting over and taking a different approach.  Instead what I would like to do is break down the 3 fundamental ways into a table view, unbiased, point form, for which…

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