Snooper DVR-1HD Mini Dashboard Camera

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Well after the disappointment of the last dash camera I had another look around and found some interesting things.

  • A lot of the current dash cams include massive screens.
  • Most of them have lots of logos, stickers and shiney bits.
  • Cheap clones are everywhere.

I still wanted something small and discreet yet reliable, up popped the Snooper offering. Having had a couple of Snooper camera/radar detectors over the years and always finding them to be well built and reliable I started to have a look around for details on this, I found a few sites selling them but virtually no reviews, they appear to be a missed option when you search for dash cams.

First things first, size check – all the websites (including Snooper themselves) list the dimensions for the actual DVR but not the GPS mount (the top square box in the picture above), so I emailed Snooper…

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