App Review: Pythonista

Ivan's Musings

I recently bought Pythonista for my iPad and iPhone in an attempt to code more often in my free time, even when I don’t have my computer on me.


Pythonista has a vast amount of features that really make programming on iOS a breeze.

The Code Editor

The code editor in Pythonista is definitely one of the most powerful code editors you get on iOS.  With its vast amount of features, it almost feels as if you are programming on a desktop.  Let’s take a look at a few of these features.

The Keyboard

Pythonista equips your keyboard with a turbo and nitro.  By providing you with two rows of special characters, numbers and an undo button, you won’t ever have to change to the symbols keyboard again while programming!  Some of the keys even provide additional symbols when you long press the key – just like the normal iOS keyboard…

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