Bravo Genius


Bravo Genius is one of the best entertaining and educational games for all ages.

GPlay GENIJE Bravo Genius for Android

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Bravo game has 8 basic games which have a few modes.

– Help mode

– Single player – mode for one player!

– Fast fingers

– Multiplayer – a mode for two players!

Game against Skippy – play against our main character called Skippy!
We came to the most interesting part of the game! Skippy is an animated character, who occurs in all areas of the game since the very start of the game “Bravo”. He will give you hours and hours of interesting animations which are synchronized vocally and with appropriate movements. There are over 300 synchronized and animated sentences, which Skippy says in appropriate situations. He can be happy, sad or angry. He tries to get your attention, gets bored, helps you, annoys you and a lot more. Skippy has…

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One thought on “Bravo Genius

  1. To make everything more fun and interesting, you can create your own character who looks similar to Skippy. You use that character in the game instead of your mouse pointer. And also, if your name exist in the base of synchronized names, you can choose it, and Skippy will turn to you by that name.


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