I wish the iPhone had copied HTC instead


There are so many things that HTC used to be so good at, but several of the company’s strengths have become weaknesses in recent years. I’m not just talking about selling phones, though that task has indeed become increasingly difficult for HTC as Apple and Samsung apply global pressure at the top and no-name Chinese vendors eat up the bottom and middle of the Eastern market. I’m talking about hardware and software design, which could once both be counted among HTC’s strong suits.

The HTC One M7 and M8 were fantastic phones, and reaching back even further, HTC’s Windows Mobile phones and its early Android phones were often ahead of their time and a cut above rival handsets. With the One M9, HTC had a lapse in judgement at the worst possible time, and while the new HTC One A9 does sport a terrific design it isn’t HTC’s design, it’s Apple’s

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