Latest Samsung Galaxy S7 rumour suggests device will have a 20MP camera


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Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S7 rumour. The last few days have yielded quite a few rumours about the Galaxy S7 including the possible inclusion of something like 3D Touch and a January launch, but today?s rumour surrounds the device?s camera. This year?s Galaxy S6 (and its follow-up flagship devices) used a 16MP camera to great effect ? it still holds the second spot on DxOMark?s ladder for all smartphone cameras. The word is, however, that Samsung will instead move to a 20MP camera sensor for next year?s device.

Of course, this isn?t the first time we?ve seen a 20MP camera sensor ? after all, Sony?s been using one for at least 2 years. Since the size of the sensor pixels now apparently matter, it?s said that this sensor will use 1.0-micron pixels, which sounds good ? we think. The new sensor will also allegedly…

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