LG and Samsung unveil new battery tech for future wearables


galaxy round spare battery

LG and Samsung have been showing off a selection of new flexible battery cells designed for wearable products at an exhibition in Seoul today. Given the limited space inside wearable products and the long life time demanded from smartwatch consumers, new battery technologies are seen as a key to help drive the market forward.

Samsung SDI unveiled two new types of flexible batteries, a stripe and a band. The stripe battery is just 0.3mm thin and is built from a flexible fibre that enables the cell to bend. This cell is designed for use in very small, thin wearables, such as a necklace, hair band or bracelet. Samsung also has a band-type battery designed for smartwatches, presumably in the wrist band, that can add up to 50 additional battery capacity compared with current designs and can resist over 50,000 bends.

LG Wire Battery

LG Chem showcased its own wire battery technology again at…

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