Next Samsung Galaxy S7 rumour suggests it will have a magnesium alloy body and better sound


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It seems like we?re getting a new Samsung Galaxy S7 rumour every day this week. The latest rumour about Samsung?s upcoming flagship is that it is going to have a slightly different construction with a magnesium alloy body, but still retaining some glass panels, presumably on the back of the device. There?s also a report that suggests that the Galaxy S7 is going to have more impressive sound quality compared to its predecessors ? it?s been suggested the the Galaxy S7 will feature a ESS Technology chip which will give audio quality akin to analog sound. The area of sound in smartphones is very interesting at the moment with more and more mobile devices adopting technology that will make the devices more attractive to audiophiles.

This latest rumour comes on the heels of another report that the Galaxy S7 is going to be…

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