The Exciting Technology In Back to the Future No One Noticed| By |Angie Goldman



If you’re joining us at the time this blog posts, Marty, Doc, and Jennifer should be arriving in a few hours. While we wait, let’s discuss the future. Or at least, the future predicted and represented in “Back to the Future: Part II”.

The movie predicted a lot of real world technological advancements, such as video conferencing, hands-free gaming, giant flat screen TVs, and video glasses. Even the addition of other futuristic gadgets to the real world gets everyone excited, such as Pepsi’s futuristic bottle, Nike’s self-lacing shoes, and multiple attempts at the long-coveted hoverboard. But there’s one futuristic technology in the movie that should excite analytics gurus more.

I’m talking about biometric signatures.

In “Back to the Future”, thumbprints are the sole form of identification and payment. You can see this when old Biff presses his thumb to a Compu-Vend pad to pay for his…

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