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So, my new laptop arrived today.  I’m actually typing this post on it.  It’s pretty nice.  It was already loaded with Windows 7 Pro.  I had already downloaded an antivirus and I am installing it now.  I also pre-downloaded Snood.  I used to play this allll the time.  It’s so fun.

Right now, the computer seems to be working pretty well.  It’s in really great condition.  It looks practically brand new.  It has been so long since I used Windows, that I had to think about how to do things.  I like the way this version of Windows looks, too.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll either keep this version or install Linux.  I haven’t decided yet.  I might just keep this as it would be nice to have a current computer with Windows.  I have a very old desktop that is sooooooo slow that I haven’t used it in…

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Is Your Storage Space Running Out? Fix It Here (andriod device)


If you are someone like my little niece who download every downloadable on Google play and mobogenie to the extent of using all the available space on your android device thereby getting ‘you are running out of memory,’ or if you always get storage running out of space, then thispost is for you.Fasten your seat-belt let me pilot your flight this awesome morning.How Can I Fix This Issue?==>Make sure your Android device is rooted(if it’s not rooted, you can post the make here let me show you how to root it)==>Download root browser app==>Run and install it on your device>> reboot your device==>Open the newly installed Root Browser app, a pop up box might come stating if you want to give the app root permission. Don’t grant it.==>Locate or scroll to /data/ and delete the folder “log”Note: If you are not sure of which folder contains the log files meant…

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Global report on Android details the main apps that abuse battery and hinder performance


Many people have complained that Facebook is a major battery hog on iOS 9 devices, as the mobile app seems to consume plenty of juice even when it’s been expressly told not to run any activities in the background. But it looks like Facebook is also the most battery-unfriendly app on Android, according to a fresh report on the least energy-efficient apps in Google’s Play Store.

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The Top 7 Apps You’ve Never Heard Of But Absolutely Need

Inside Staance

Face it: You and your phone are stuck in a rut.

It’s always the same apps, isn’t it? Tap, scroll, double tap, swipe right. … Next.

It’s time we redecorate that iPhone of yours. We’re giving you the Top 7 apps you’ve never heard of but absolutely need. Your relationship with your phone is about to get a whole lot hotter.

You‘re about to get a heck of a lot more popular in those group texts. Imoji let’s you get a bit wacky with stickers, in a totally good way. Discover millions of stickers created by the community. There’s seriously a sticker for pretty much every moment.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.32.30 PM

Robinhood is how the millennial invests. It’s commission-free trading for all U.S. stocks and ETFs. It’s one of the world’s fastest-growing brokerages because it’s easy to use and awesome. Plus, use this around friends and they’re immediately going to know you’re better…

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iOS Gaming – October 22 Release Discussion Post


October 22 Release Discussion Post

  • This is a post to talk about the new games releasing tonight onto the App Store and other games which came out this week.

  • If there is an error with the list such as a game is missing or the App Store Link is wrong, please mention it.

  • Releases slowly roll out around the world. Apps from today should be out in America at 11PM EST

  • Store links are to the New Zealand store, whilst prices in the table are $US

Games released:

Game Dev/Pub Price Genre Requirements
2048 A.D. Alexander Zaulichnyy Free Arcade iOS 6.0
Baseball Apocalypse Tom Janson $1.99 Endless iOS 7.0
The Beggar’s Ride Bad Seed $3.99 Platformer iOS 8.0
Bike Unchained Red Bull Free Biking iOS 6.0
Bullet Storm Arena Hitoshi Suzuki Free Twin-Stick Shooter iOS 8.0
Drill Up Pub: Ketchapp Free Endless iOS 6.0
Evel Knievel BarnStorm Games $1.99 Biking

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Apple’s Latest Apple Watch Ads Showcase Siri, Apple Music, Apple Pay and More


Apple today released a new series of short 15 second ads, all of which highlight different Apple Watch features like Siri, Apple Music, Apple Pay, notifications, fitness tracking, and more.

In the ad titled ?Skate,? a group of skaters use Apple Pay to buy ice cream, while in ?Travel,? the Apple Watch?s Wallet app is used to display a boarding pass.

In the ?Play? ad, the Apple Watch is used to make a bid on eBay while its wearer is also playing the piano, and in ?Kiss,? two people about to kiss are interrupted by a notification for an Uber arrival, which is dismissed so the moment can quickly continue.

?Dance? showcases Siri and Apple Music, depicting a guy dancing around after asking Siri to play 80s music, while ?Move? highlights the activity tracking capabilities of the Apple…

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